Molecular and Cellular Therapies will cease to be published by BioMed Central as of 21st September 2016. BioMed Central will continue to host an archive of all articles previously published in the journal and all articles published in Molecular and Cellular Therapies will remain fully searchable via the BioMed Central website.


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Aims and scope

 Molecular and Cellular Therapies is an online, open access journal which focusses on the basic science and clinical development of molecular and cell-based therapies.

The journal aligns basic research in the development of gene-, peptide-, protein-, and cell-based therapies with clinical and pre-clinical research, to establish new therapy parameters such as treatment pharmacokinetics, delivery, toxicity, efficacy, biomarkers and novel applications.

In order to establish these parameters, Molecular and Cellular Therapies welcomes research from a range of disciplines, including, but not limited to, genetics, cell biology, medicine, drug development, therapeutics and biotechnology.

The journal has four sections:

HIV pathogenesis and Treatment: Edited by Andrew Badley
Nanomedicine: Edited by Dan Peer
Regenerative Medicine and Therapies: Edited by Marek Malecki
Noncoding RNA Therapies: Edited by Ulf Andersson Ørom

Molecular and Cellular Therapies accepts research articles, reviews, commentaries, methodologies and short reports.

Meet the Editors-in-Chief

Xiangdong Wang, MD, PhD, is a Distinguished Professor of Respiratory Medicine at Fudan University, Deputy Director of Shanghai Respiratory Research Institute, and Adjunct Professor of Clinical Bioinformatics at Lund University. He also serves as a Director of the Biomedical Research Center at Zhongshan Hospital, Fudan University. Dr Wang’s main research is focused on clinical bioinformatics, disease-specific biomarkers, cancer immunology, and molecular & cellular therapies. His group integrates clinical informatics with omics science and bioinformatics to identify and validate disease-specific biomarkers and therapeutic targets in chronic lung diseases and lung cancer. 

Bryon Petersen received his BA from the University of Iowa, and received his MS and Ph.D. from the University of Pittsburgh. His post-doctorate training continued at Pitt in the Department of Pathology, and was promoted to Research Assistant Professor. In 2000, Dr. Petersen took a faculty position at the University of Florida as an Assistant Professor and was promoted to an Associate Professor with tenure. In 2010, he took a position at Wake Forest Institute of Regenerative Medicine. He returned to UF’s Department of Pediatrics in July of 2012. He currently has authored or co-authored over 80 peer-reviewed papers and nine book chapters. He has been honored with several national and international awards and has secured NIH funding for the past 15 years.